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Design is common. Good design is not. Why? Because it’s hard. It takes work. It demands piles of crumpled trace paper, blurry vision, and midnight “aha!” moments. Examining everything from angles that geometry hasn’t invented yet. Challenging preconceptions. Ripping through lots of bad ideas and relentlessly improving the good ones.


Hi. My name is Andrew. Or Andy. The former if you like the typographic symmetry with my last name. I'm a freelance designer based in Boulder, Colorado. I can usually be found hiking with my Boston terrier, hanging at one of the coffee shops on east Pearl, spinning vinyl and working at my drawing table, or on the chairlift at Eldora.

The backstory: BFA in Applied Visual Arts from Oregon State University leading to 19 years of design experience split between 3 firms in Portland, OR and Boulder, CO., giving me a  wide exposure to project types, industries, and interesting coworker behavior. Now I'm rolling solo and always on the lookout for visionary clients who are interested in working together to make great things happen.

what i do

i have a wide skillset and an army of resources. for specific needs not mentioned below, let's talk.
Much more than just creating an awesome logo, this is a deep-dive process that involves discovering the narrative that connects the target market to Your Thing. Out of this is born The Brand, which informs the look and messaging at all points of interaction between the audience and Your Thing. Typography, colors, imagery, verbiage, and of course, an awesome logo, all contribute to The Brand being as consistent and on-point as possible, in the end turning Your Thing into Everybody's Thing.
Great places make great experiences make great places. Stories are born, memories made, selfies posted. Environmental and experiential graphic features are a common ingredient – whether it be interpretive elements, architectural graphics, signage, wayfinding, landscape features, or other enhancing devices. I can handle everything from conceptual development, design, implementation drawings, documentation, construction observation, and finally, popping the champagne and sticking it all in the portfolio.
There are few things more intoxicating than fresh ink on an uncut press sheet. Whether the final product is offset, screen or digitally-printed, you deserve design that warrants birth into the physical realm. Nothing is off-limits here; marketing collateral, packaging, identity, publications, posters, you name it. Whatever you need to support your mission, I can deliver, loupe and Pantone chips in hand.


In the beginning there is one document. It’s a beautifully-designed piece, filled with renderings, 3d models, inspiration, ideas, and initial design studies. Its uses are many-fold – from securing tenants, wooing investors, convincing civic boards, to keeping the development team on the same page. This is where the big idea is born, the vision explained, and the design set in motion. The result is a comprehensive package that can be referenced throughout the design and construction phases to maintain the vision through completion.

Nothing quite adds a bespoke impression like quality, original illustration work. With the ability to work in a variety of styles, I can produce imagery that strengthens your brand’s message, making each application stand proud and memorable among the competition.


Cookie cutters are great for a lot of things, but not so much for websites and apps that need to be tailored to specific target audiences. Customized design that is responsive, elegant, and fast can be developed with your market in mind, enhancing your brand and message through the interface and user experience.

boulder, co
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